The Juice Diet Book

The Juice Diet: Lose Weight, Detox,
Tone Up, Stay Slim & Healthy

by Christine Bailey

Fresh juice has incredible physical abilities, enabling a cleansed digestive system, while promoting weight loss.

Vegetable and fruit juice is known to boost one’s energy, increase the body’s immunity, and even enhance natural beauty.

The Juice Diet features over 100 mouthwatering juice and smoothie recipes split up into three simple and effective dietary plans, including the the Juice Blitz – a quick weekend start guide, the Juice Week – a one-week juicing plan, and the Juicing for Life plan – a full month of juice supplement.

The book also covers juicing for beauty, immunity, and energy, offering up the ideal balance of juice to bring out one’s true weight loss potential.


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The Juice Diet: Lose Weight
Drink fresh fruit & veggie juice to lose weight
and feel great!
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