The Juice Diet

Fresh Vegetable Weight Loss Juice

Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable drinks is
a great way to not only feed your body
valuable nutrients, but lose weight too!

Juice dieting, also referred to as juice therapy, is often a temporary dietary practice that is typically conducted for between one and three days. During this time the dieter only eats fruits, vegetables, or other juices derived from plants in effort to cleanse the body of heavy metals and toxins.

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Juice Dieting

As a practice related to Ayurvedic medicine, undergoing a juice diet is the first step in the treatment of arthritis, cancer, colitis, depression, HIV infection, and multiple other diseases. For others, a juice diet can help with weight reduction, or be a main supplement for a vegetarian, fruitarian, or vegan.

Additionally, consuming fruit and veggie juices can be a part of a general process designed to help quit unhealthy habits, including smoking cigarettes, alcoholism, or drinks with caffeine, and overeating. Many believers in the diet will drink hefty amounts of freshly extracted fruit and/or vegetable juices as part of their normal diet without fasting; this is known to practitioners as juicing.

See also: The Juice Diet Book

Most people seeking quick results will conduct a juice fast with the combination of massage therapy and/or the use of laxatives to better relax the body and flush out the digestive tract.


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